Forged By Fire Crossfit

Digital Advertising

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Forged by Fire Crossfit is one of the leading and prestigious Crossfit Gyms in the city. On the discovery call with one of the owner's we learned their 12 months of service provided by a global brand - Wishpond, wasn't providing them the value they were looking for in their online efforts. Forged By Fire was looking for a partner who could handle the creative, campaign set-ups AND lead generation with a focus on growing their gym memberships overall and for specific classes much like WomanStrong Training Club.

Heart of PEI

Logo Design

An initiative lead by a working committee through the Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce, this project is of a larger strategic 5-year plan, with a primary goal to establish a strong brand identity. SMARdi Marketing was able to extra the thoughts and emotions from the overall strategic plan to come up with a logo that  communicates the vision of the #HeartofPEI initiative; A leader in inclusive, authentic experiences that celebrate our land and shores, in the #HeartofPEI



Graphic Design

CBDC Central PEI is focused on increasing awareness of the services and resources available to aspiring and local business owners. CBDC looks to SMARdi Marketing and  with little guidance and direction, to takes their ideas and concepts, bringing them to life through professional graphic assets to effectively communicate the goals and objectives of CBDC Central PEI for events, conferences, seminars and more.

Tops To Floors

Social Media Management

Tops To Floors was on the lookout for a social media manager to set-them up and consult in building their social media presence that is both innovative, engaging and professional. In light of ta recent 20th anniversary, SMARdi Marketing and Tops To Floors came up with a charity marketing strategies designed to engage locals to help decide on how $5,000 worth of donations, SMARdi Marketing was able to assist in a reach of over 24,000 people organically and without forcing people to share the content. 

With the help and guidance and audience targeting with a relevant social content marketing strategy for social media Tops To Floor's is set-up to reach their awareness goals to their best prospective customers month over month.

Silver Fox Entertainment Complex

Digital Advertising

Entering into the busy tourism season, the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex and the Breakwater Bar and Grill were looking for an online solution to drive traffic of tourists nearby. Through effective Facebook and Google Advertising strategies, the Complex reached thousands of people within targeted areas when they were READY to BUY. Through ongoing monitoring, constant creative updates in their digital campaigns, the complex reached its audience with the specific interests in the food and entertainment options they were searching.

Department of Education

Graphic Design

The Department of Education was in need of a refresh in their curriculum guides. The project included a redesign of 6 documents, all of which exceeding 100 pages. The goal of the project was to enhance the look to reflect a modern visual appeal. Additionally, they wanted to ensure professional consistency between documents and sections for easier content navigation and association between guides for teachers using them.

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